Scholarship Essay Format: Create a Successful Paper

When you want to win a scholarship, it is essential to make an extraordinary paper to impress the readers. You should remember that the committee pays attention not only to the content but also checks its format. They may review your paper's format even before they will start to read the entire work. It is quite important to format the paper correctly. We're going to share many useful tips about the scholarship essay format.

Many applicants do not pay a lot of attention to their papers formatting because they think it is not important. We suggest reading the requirements carefully and follow recommendations on the format for a scholarship essay. Unfortunately, not all universities share their requirements about formatting, but they pay attention to this aspect when checking essays sent by the applicants. Keep reading our article to learn everything about formatting your work.

How to Format a Scholarship Essay: Useful Hints

In this article, readers will find many useful tips on formatting the work. If you're asking yourself: "What format should a scholarship essay be in?", follow our detailed instructions. We know this aspect is quite important for applicants. Stop worrying and read our hints about the scholarship application essay format:

  • Make sure you have read application instructions. Follow all requirements listed there about the format.
  • Choose a well-readable font for your paper. We recommend using the following fonts: Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana, Arial, Tahoma.
  • Select a proper font size for your essay. Nobody will read a paper with a too small font, and work with a huge font may look odd. We suggest using a 10-12 point font.
  • Make sure all the paragraphs of your work are well-balanced. We don't recommend including a lot of information in one paragraph and writing just a couple of sentences in another.
  • Set margins 1 inch on all sides. Your work must be double-spaced.
  • Review your work carefully for errors before printing it out. Use a quality paper to make your essay look accurate and professional.

Many students are interested why it is so much important to choose a proper essay format for scholarship paper. You may think the most important thing is content, but thanks to the format, your work looks more accurate and professional, and it is much easier for the committee to read and check it. Go ahead and read our great ideas about the college scholarship essay format!

5 Ideas to Format your Scholarship Paper Fast

Read our useful hints below. They will be helpful if you need advice on how to write a college scholarship essay format correctly.

  1. Read the instructions carefully. If a scholarship application says, you must write a 300-word essay, making a 6-page paper isn't a good idea. That is not a good way to stand out from the crowd. Usually, the committee members don't read papers that are too long or too short compared to the length listed in the application.
  2. Read papers from the past winners. That may help you to see what format they used in their essays. If you have some successful essay examples that won before, it is possible to learn a lot of important things about the paper's style, language, format, etc. Just be careful and do not try to copy those papers.
  3. Use a standard essay format. Your writing should have three or more paragraphs. The first is an introduction that includes a thesis statement. The last is the conclusion that ends your paper logically. The rest of the paragraphs are placed in the middle and contain the arguments supported by evidence.
  4. Format the entire paper. Make sure you have selected a proper font for the paper, but don't forget about the scholarship essay format for heading: if you used a 12-point font for the work, you should choose a 14-point font for headings or titles. Do you need more hints? Read our next paragraph to get more tips on how to format a scholarship essay header in the MLA style. Remember that good formatting makes your work look appropriately, and it is easier for the committee members to review it.

Scholarship Essay MLA Format: Main Guidelines

Are you writing work in the MLA style? Here we want to provide you with general requirements for a scholarship essay MLA format:

  1. You need to use white paper 8 1⁄2 x 11 inches to print out the work.
  2. Set 1' margins on all sides of the sheet.
  3. Make sure the first word in each new paragraph is indented 1⁄2 inch.
  4. If you put quotations, indent them 1' inch from the left side of the sheet.
  5. According to the guidelines, you can use any well-readable font. Just make sure the regular font looks different from italics.
  6. The size of the font should be 12 pt.
  7. The entire work must be double-spaced.
  8. Check out all the recommendations about spaces after punctuation marks. If you're provided with no special requirements for this, just leave one space.
  9. Create a page header using the next tips:
    • Write your full name, the course number, and the current date. Double-space all data and place it on the separated lines.
    • According to the MLA format for a scholarship essay, the title must be centered.

We hope that our guide was helpful. Follow our recommendations to create an excellent essay to win the award!