Personal Statement for Scholarship: Writing Guide

A scholarship is something that might open to you many new opportunities, that could influence your life and career in an amazing way. But getting a scholarship from a prestigious university is a perfect chance not only for you but hundreds, if not thousands of other applicants.

Many students understand the importance of this statement but don't have a clear idea of how to write it. Others believe that such a paper doesn't differ much from a college application essay. And both categories make a huge mistake, that might cost them their studies and, as a consequence, their career. How to write a perfect personal statement for a scholarship? Are there tips that could help you? What should you mention and which mistakes should you avoid?

First of all, a personal statement for college scholarship differs from a college application essay significantly. In your case, you don't need to explain why you need to study there and why they win when they select you. Now, it is over. Now, they are looking for people who will be able to continue their scientific career and moreover, who will be able to do it.

That's why you don't need to explain how good a student you could be and how much you are into the college activities. Here, you shall highlight your academic and research skills. Do you have any publications in scientific journals, even though they might be just local ones? Do you have an intention to continue with some important research, which you have started at the stage of your diploma project? These are the factors that might influence the admission committee in a positive way.

What Is a Personal Statement for a Scholarship?

So, now, you know, what to write about. Any scientific work, any research project is a great way to impress the committee members, but if your project is about something really important for the society, if it might solve some problem, then, you have a huge advantage.

That's why your personal statement for a scholarship essay should be about your scientific achievements or progress, not about your life and your targets. Now, you accentuate your attention to the solutions to some problems.

How to Write a Personal Statement for a Scholarship Properly?

As usual, there are some basic tips, that are valid for any paper. Of course, you should make it sound strong and impressive. No doubt, you should be clear and particular, but at the same time detailed enough. However, there are tips that are valid only for this paper.

How to start a personal statement for a scholarship? Well, here, you don't tell any stories from your life. The only exception might be if this story is connected with a problem that your project is going to solve. For example, if your best friend has been suffering from asthma, caused by air pollution, and you are working on a project that will help to purify air, at least locally. Then, it might have a great influence on the admission committee. Other than that, concentrate on your work rather than on your personal things.

What to include in a personal statement for a scholarship then? Anything connected with your academic activity would work. The more important your activity is, the more chances you have to get your scholarship. However, make sure you include the following:

  • Write about your academic activity, researches, and so on, don't write about personal experiences.
  • Show how have you progressed in your research.
  • Explain how the scholarship would influence your research.
  • Explain what impact your research would have on the society or the scientific field in which you are working.

When you are writing a personal statement for scholarship, you should remember, that specialists will read it. Hence, avoid simple language. However, those might be not all specialists in your field. That's why, being too smart isn't the best option, either. Try to find an optimal combination of clearness and professionalism. That is complicated, but you have to handle it.

How long should a personal statement for a scholarship be? A personal statement can differ in length, sometimes, the university establishes a fixed length, but in some cases, you decide. Usually, these are just two or three pages. But the main idea is not the length, but the content. Whatever the length is, you need to explain why you are the best applicant and why your research is worth the scholarship.

Template of a Personal Statement for Scholarship: General Strategy

The content of your paper depends on your project in particular and on your academic activity in general. However, the best way is to follow this structure:

  • An introduction, where you explain, why you have selected this field and this research.
  • The main part, where you provide an explanation of your project or research. Explain, what it is and how it would solve a problem or problems that you see. As well, mention, what has been done already and what needs to be done. Show as well, why you need the scholarship to complete your project.
  • The conclusion, where you state, in a short and precise manner, why and how this research is important.

If you are wondering about the personal statement template for scholarship, then, it is just enough to follow the tips that have been mentioned already.


That document is vital. It means, you started a scientific project and had some progress. Do you know how to persuade the selection committee that they need you? Otherwise, share the details of your project with us, and we will solve your problem.