How to Write an Essay About Yourself: The Key Thing You Need to Know about It

An essay is a certain way of communication. What is the obligatory part of communication? Of course, the acquaintanceship. Therefore, the most important thing about how to write an essay about yourself is to tell your story and so become a friend to the reader.

Of course, it is easier to get in touch with old friends: these people are aware of your personality and habits. For new friends, you have to tell everything all over again. It is especially difficult to convey it through an essay. You should write not just honestly and competently, but also as interestingly as possible to stand out among similar essays. Being a very genuine person in your storytelling is the best way of how to write about yourself.

If you are experiencing a serious challenge to your imagination, use this guide with the smartest tips. Learn how to perform writing an essay about yourself, even when nothing extraordinary happens in your life.

What to Write in an Essay About Yourself If You Don't Have Any Ideas? Use Those 5 Easy Steps

It is not easy to find those events and cases that can cause unquestionable interest. It is often difficult to choose what to write in an essay about yourself. However, there is a particular scheme for creating the right sequence of actions that will help you with this:

  • Step 1. Find a "reference point." Choose the topic you've been thinking about recently, remember, the circumstance from life that has hit you the most. The most related things are the ground of an essay about myself.
  • Step 2. Write down all the thoughts on the draft. All you need is just to use the stream of consciousness. To accomplish tell me about yourself essay without preliminary consideration will make your work empty and illogical. It is noteworthy to think everything out.
  • Step 3. Read the notes after a while and focus on crucial points. To learn how to describe yourself in an essay correctly is possibly through viewing the material over and over again. In the process of re-reading, you will understand which order of presentation will be better. By the way, it may be a chronological or thematic matching of blocks of text.
  • Step 4. Consider every block one after another. Change phrases regarding style, remove excess and add a relation between all thoughts. The relations are the words that can be constructed logically or emotionally. Look for non-standard solutions. Use examples of art to bring vividness to the text.
  • Step 5. Read and listen to your heart. An essay about yourself should be based on reflection. It is your vision of the world, your feelings of events and understanding of what is happening.

How to Start an Essay About Yourself Correctly

The introduction is the meaning and justification of the chosen issue. A good introduction paragraph for an essay about yourself consists of some elements, connected reasonably and stylistically. The main component is the thesis. Briefly and concisely describe what you will reveal further in your essay. It will not be superfluous to indicate the urgency and significance for the contemporary society of the highlighted problem in the essay.

Take a look at how your essay about yourself can begin:

Everybody loves to travel. Someone goes on a trip anticipating exciting adventures. For someone, there is nothing better than new exotic dishes. Some are experiencing an insurmountable craving for cultural values. Others prefer to watch the sunset over the ocean silently. The reasons are different. Here, I would like to write more about my traveling experience and why I can't imagine my life without such type of activity.

Body Paragraphs Should Contain the Main Idea

An essential feature of the main part is the concreteness. The main theme of your essay cannot be revealed by general phrases. Most importantly, plunge into your thoughts and try to understand yourself.

The main content of the essay is an analysis of the initial thesis hypothesis. This analysis is impossible without seeking contradictions, formulation of opposing points of view, finding paradoxical solutions. It is worth not only describing examples from your own life, but you can also use related examples from books or other people's lives. However, there should be a connection with your personality.

In an essay about yourself, it is not enough to agree or disagree with a particular opinion. It is necessary to extend or supplement it. Arguments must be consistent. Every thought must be supported by evidence. In the process of constructing an essay, it is necessary to remember that one paragraph should contain only one statement and corresponding proof.

How to End an Essay about Yourself and Make a Positive Impression

The conclusion is a final generalization and argumentation. This particular part summarizes the essay or once again makes an explanation, reinforces the meaning stated in the main part.

Building the right plan for an essay:

  1. INTRODUCTION — one paragraph:
    • Use "traps" to attract attention, such as quotation, parts of a poetic work, questions, reflections, unusual facts, ideas or funny stories.
    • There is no need to express a basic idea in the first sentence.
    • Avoid phrases like "This is an essay about ..." or "I'm going to talk about ...".
  2. MAIN PART — 2-3 paragraphs:
    • Express your thoughts clearly.
    • Reinforce basic ideas with facts, reflections, ideas, vivid descriptions, quotations or other information or materials that intrigue and captivate the attention of the reader.
    • Use reference materials to eliminate the tautology.
  3. CONCLUSION — one paragraph:
    • Demonstrate your position on the issue raised.
    • Make a generalization and argumentation, which summarizes the statement in the main part.

The Most Interesting Essay Topics about Yourself Which Will Push You to Successful Writing

Sometimes it is difficult to orientate what exactly is worthy of being in the essay. You can quickly understand what you want to write using the following theme templates:

  • Analysis of yourself as a person:
    • Do I have distinct features from other people?
    • What actions confirm this feature?
  • About the activities you have been doing before, or are doing now:
    • What made me do this kind of work?
    • Why did I continue to do this?
  • A specific event from your life:
    • Has it changed me as a person?
    • How did I react to this?
    • Was this a revelation for me, something I had not previously suspected of?
  • About friends:
    • Why did I name this person?
    • Do I strive to become like him?
    • What are his qualities I admire?
    • Have I revised my views?
  • About each of your preferences and what you do not like:
    • Why do I like or dislike it?
    • Has this circumstance affected to a large extent my life?
  • About each of your failures:
    • What did I learn as a result?
    • What have I learned from this situation?
  • About Travel:
    • Which countries have you visited?
    • Which countries do you dream of visiting and why?
  • The experience of overcoming a fear:
    • What caused you to be afraid?
    • How did you feel at the time of fear?
  • Your favorite time of the year.
  • Something you can't resist.

Use our writing guide and prepare an impressive essay about yourself easily!