How to Get a Scholarship — Guide and Useful Advise for Students

Study costs are growing every day. That's why getting a scholarship is the only chance for many young people to get or to continue their education. However, getting a scholarship isn't an easy task. You have to persuade the admission committee, that you are the most prominent applicant and they need such a student badly.

How to get a scholarship? How to make the admission committee believe that you are the best of the best? Well, the first stage of the application procedure is finding the options. Yes, before applying for a scholarship, you have to check which options are available. Here are some tips on how to do it.

  • If your target is a particular university, check their website. All offers are usually placed in open access on the website of a university or a college.
  • Ask your teacher about the options. Sometimes, educational institutions prefer to look for applicants from particular colleges, and that might work better than searching on your own.
  • Check the religious and charity organizations. They receive such offers sometimes. However, those offers might be in a specific field, such as religion, for example.
  • Avoid anything for what you should pay. It might be a small fee for an application form, filling it in, processing – whatever requires payment is not legit. Scholarships are for helping you.
  • Don't hire anybody to fill out your forms, do it yourself.
  • How do you get a scholarship? – After having applied for it. That's why any notifications that you are granted a scholarship for which you have never applied are scams.

How to Get a Scholarship in High School?

Well, if you have selected a high school that is ranked among the best in the country, you have to pay for the right to study there. But even the most expensive schools are interested in excellent students, even though those students, or rather their parents, might have not much money.

How to get a scholarship to a private high school? Well, show them, that you can make their school even better than it is. Your grades should be excellent. Your references from teachers should be outstanding. And your personal statement should highlight all the advantages that the school will get if it pays for your studies there.

How to Get a Scholarship for College Students?

In your essay, you explain, why you need their scholarship. You might be an exceptional student, and the college might have many advantages if you study there. Present the benefits a college will enjoy if they give you the scholarship. If they believe you, they will pay for at least a part of your studies.

When you are thinking about how to get a college scholarship, you might need some tips on how to write a good application essay and prepare other documentation, if the college requires it. Prepare all papers that they want. Those are usually the references from your teachers, your certificate from your high school, your grades and similar. Of course, don't even try to ignore such document as an essay.

How to Get a University Scholarship: Practical Advice

Not many people continue their studies at a university. That depends not only on the study costs but the people`s level and targets. That's why, universities offer scholarships only to the best applicants, and those are the scholarships not just for studies.

Studying at a university means not only acquiring some knowledge in a particular field but being in some research and academic work. And this is already an entirely different level of activities. It is very common that scholarships are offered to the graduates of particular colleges. And well, when you are applying for a university scholarship, you have to show your academic activity and your progress in it.

Columbia University Scholarships

How to get a scholarship to Columbia University? Well, you should prepare all the documents and send them before the application time finishes. It is evident that you should be really among the best. It means you need to have excellent grades in all subjects, amazing references from your teachers. In your CV, you should indicate all activities, especially scientific projects and voluntary work.

Columbia university scholarships are very attractive for most students. And this is not surprising, because, after their graduation, such people will be welcomed in all fields in any country. There are undergraduate scholarships, for which international students might apply, and graduate scholarships, for which, students should use in their departments. All requirements can be checked on the official website of the university.

Harvard Scholarships

How to get a scholarship to Harvard University? All your documents should be in excellent order and show, that you are exceptional, in all regards. Well, Harvard doesn't want to pay for ordinary students. The purpose of a scholarship program is to give opportunities to those students, whom the university will be proud of later.

If you are willing to check Harvard scholarships, you might be amazed at how many options they have. For a scholarship might apply students from all countries, there are different programs. The university even offers scholarships to study in some other countries.

Georgetown Scholarships

How to get a scholarship to Georgetown University? Be the best and be able to show it in a very clear but non-intrusive manner. Are you somebody who could make the university even more famous? Tell them, how you are going to do it.

When a student applies for financial aid to study at a university, he or she is automatically considered for Georgetown scholarships. Yep, this is a rule for the USA students only. If you are an international student, you should fill in all the application documents, write a scholarship application essay and wait to see if the admission committee will like you.


Getting a scholarship to a high school, a college and a university are absolutely different things. The higher you want to climb, the more complicated it is. So study well, be active and learn how to show your advantages.